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Welcome to our dock plate and dock board selection guide

The following free selection guide is made to help you find the ideal dock plate or dock board based upon your application. The pull down bars have options within them that will help narrow down your search for the right dock plate or dock board. Starting with the first available pull down bar, please tell us what kind of equipment you are using to load trucks. After that selection is made, the next available option will appear in the following pull down bar. This process will continue until you have narrowed your search and we have supplied a listing of the available dock plates or dock boards that best suit your needs. If you have any questions regarding dock equipment call our experts: 800-876-7267. We have the lowest prices on dock equipment and over half a century of experience!

Need help finding these measurments? Use our sizing guide to help you.

Make Selctions from the top down.
What equipment is being used to load trucks?
How many shifts per day would your dockboard be used?
What is the height differential from the dock to the truck?
What is the width of the widest load going across the board?



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