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Replacement Molded Dock Bumper

Dockboard Roller Attachment
Dockboard Lifting Chains
Replacement Molded Dock Bumpers
Wheel Risers

Replacement Molded Dock Bumpers - Our molded dock bumpers are manufactured from fiber reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester. All molded bumpers have an impact recovery of 95% with durometer reading of 80 plus or minus 5. The tensile strength is 950-1505 psi. All of our molded dock bumpers have pre-drilled, counter sunk holes to accept 3/4" anchor bolts (anchors not included).

Dockboard Roller Attachment - The dockboard roller attachment is made to allow one person move a dockboard into place.

Dockboard Lifting Chains - Our dockboard lifting chains are made to allow a forklift to lift and move a dockboard into place.

Wheel Chalks - Molded in one piece of nylon and polyester reinforced rubber. Our wheel chalks have a durometer reading of 80 plus or minus 5.0, a tensile strength of 950-1, and 050 PSI with impact recovery of 95% as per ASTM 1170.

Wheel Risers - Our wheel risers eliminate unsafe, below dock loading conditions. They also reduce damage to loading dock equipment. With available heights up to 12", wheelrisers allow trailers to be positioned properly above a dock for more efficient loading. Our wheel risers come in widths of 18" and 24". We have available lengths to accommodate both single, dual, or tandem axle trailers. Our wheelrisers have the ability to be portable or permanently positioned.



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